Upcoming Expeditions

Feb 13th – Feb 19th, 2024:

Where: Kicking Horse, BC


Freeride World Tour on behalf of GORE-TEX

Feb 23rd – Feb 25th, 2024:

Where: Whistler, BC


Arc’teryx Backcountry Academy on behalf of GORE-TEX

March 1st – March 15th, 2024:

Where: Hokkaido, Japan


Mt. Rishiri: Summit & ski Japan’s most rugged and remote volcano, rarely visited by foreigners. We’ll be the first on TikTok 😂

Mt Yotei: Build an igloo and lap one of the only perfectly circular, skiable volcanic craters in the world while the sun rises.

Daisetzuzan: Hut-based ski touring around active volcanic steam vents on the highest peak of Hokkaido.

Mt. Shokanbetsu: Bring our snorkels to the deepest snowpack in Hokkaido along the ocean coast.

March 18th – March 21st, 2024:

Where: Tantalus, British Columbia


Jim Haberl Hut: Heli into a hut that sits on the col of the mountain range that guards the lower mainland from the ocean.

Serratus Glacier + Mt. Alpha: Ski these objectives as the sun rises over the mountain range with the ocean in the back.

Rumbling Glacier: Explore Rumbling Glacier at sunrise 

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